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Fitrana 2023

An obligatory donation made by every member of a household before Eid salah.


Pay Fitrana online 

This Ramadan, every member in your family needs to pay Fitrana in the amount of £5.00 per person to feed our impoverished brothers and sisters. Donate your Fitrana as soon as possible, so your donations can reach those in need.

What is Fitrana?

Zakat ul-Fitr, Fitrana or Fitrah, is a form of charity given to the poor at the end of Ramadan. Fitrana is due on every member of a household, including any children or elderly people. It is obligatory to pay before Eid salah. The difference between Zakat and Zakat ul Fitr, Fitrana, is eligibility. All Muslims must pay Zakat ul Fitr regardless of their age or financial status, unless they honestly do not have the means to do so.

"Among the best deeds are to feed the poor and the deserving and to greet those whom you know and those whom you do not" Sahih Al-Bukhari

Iftar Meals in Pakistan

Millions are living without food, and this Ramadan will struggle to find food to eat for iftar and s...

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Iftar Meals for Yemen

Help make a difference and ensure that people do not go hungry in Yemen this Ramadan.

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Iftar Meals in Lebanon

Millions are living without food, and this Ramadan will struggle to find food to eat for iftar and s...

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Yemen Food Parcel

Help Provide Food Packs To The Most Needy In Yemen.

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Pakistan Food Parcel

Working with teams on the ground we ensure food parcels are delivered to vulnerable families and tho...

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Lebanon Food Parcel

Families are struggling to feed their children and survive each day. You can ease their hardship by ...

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Harness the Power of Zakat

Please don’t wait, people need your help more than ever. Harness the power of Zakat and donate generously in the blessed month of Ramadan.

Our Appeals

Save the Children in Yemen

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Pakistan Water Well

Donate a Hand Pump Water Well in Pakistan, where communities are facing severe shortages of clean wa...

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Malnourished Children’s Clinic Yemen

Around 2 million children under 5 years old are suffering from acute malnutrition and require treatm...

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