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Winter Lebanon Project

Freezing temperatures, biting winds and snow become life threatening to those who don’t have homes to protect them from the elements around them.


Save Lives in Lebanon this Winter

There are more than 1.7 million refugees, including displaced people from Syria and Palestine, living in Lebanon today. These families escaped the violence they were faced with in Syria, only to be met with a new danger – the bitter winters of Lebanon. This winter will be a time of extreme hardship for both the refugees and homeless families of Lebanon as the cold, wet weather begins.

The crisis can be clearly seen in Lebanon, which has welcomed refugees from Palestine and Syria for many years, despite suffering from the impact of war and economic crisis itself. Freezing temperatures, biting winds and snow become life-threatening to those who don’t have homes to protect them from the elements around them.

Your winter donations in action

Lebanon needs immediate attention and here is why

Lebanon hosts one of the largest populations of Syrian and Palestinian refugees with around 2 million people crammed into overcrowded and often dangerous camps with no heating, electricity, or running water. 70% of the families in Lebanon’s camps live below the poverty line and over 50% of those are below the age of 18, which means that millions of children are growing up knowing nothing but conflict, hardship, and poverty.

Winter doubles the challenges faced by the Syrian and Palestinian refugees and the bitter truth is, unless we act now, thousands of children and elderly will not survive the cold. They simply do not have the resources to see them through these difficult times. A lack of food, inadequate warm winter clothing, and no fuel for heaters and stoves will mean that life is a daily struggle for these people.

Join us in person for deployment

This is the perfect opportunity for you if you wish to provide aid first hand to refugees in Lebanon. You will be able to use the funds raised to provide emergency food parcels to families in the refugee camps. You will also, help repair shelter and have an opportunity to witness first-hand the living conditions as well as, greet and seek the prayers of our beneficiaries all while helping them.

Winter is a fight for survival for the poor in Lebanon, give them a fighting chance today. 

    “No Muslim clothes a Muslim with a garment, except that he is under the protection of Allah as long as a shred from it remains upon him.” Source - Tirmidhi

    What's inclued

    Rice 10kg
    Sugar 7kg
    Yellow Lentils 2kg
    Brown Lentils 2kg
    Vermicelli 2kg
    Chick peas 2kg
    Salt 3kg
    Bulgur 2kg
    Tomato Paste 800g
    Vegetable oil 1.5kg
    Spaghetti x4
    Fava beans 2kg
    Flour 2kg

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