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Food Parcel in Pakistan

Provide Nutritious Food Parcels to Families in Pakistan and feed a family for a whole month.

Please support to make a meaningful difference and increase your rewards and take the opportunity to do a good deed this Ramadan. Your donations will save lives and regenerate whole communities for generations to come ensuring that no individual has to go without food for everyday needs this Ramadan. Help us feed as many people as possible and save lives now by donating today.

Please note Fidya and Kaffarah is applicable.

A donation of £50 will supply a family with all the essential food items they need to keep their children fed with nutritious food for the whole month.

Food Pack Items

  • Rice (5kg)
  • Cooking Oil (4.5/5ltrs)
  • Daal Channa (1kg)
  • Daal Maash/Lobia (1kg)
  • Flour (20kg)
  • Rooh Afza (Small)
  • Salt (National Iodized)
  • Mix Spices (Haldi, Marchi, Garam Masala)

‘Abdullah ibn ‘Amr (RA) said, “A man asked the Prophet (ﷺ), “Which aspect of Islam is best?” He said, “feeding people and greeting those you know and those you do not know.”

Sahih Bukhari

May Allah swt accept all your efforts during this blessed month and we look forward to delivering even more food parcels in these precious few days left Insha'Allah

Meals for Pakistan

Feed the hungry in Pakistan, small ask, big rewards
This year we aim to feed more people and we need your help. We are counting on you to donate generously to feed the hungry in Pakistan and help save a life. Many families have fallen victim to the severe crisis in Pakistan. Feed the hungry today with your Zakat, Sadaqah and Lillah and help make a world of difference to those most in need.

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