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Gaza is Starving and Bleeding

In the heart of a crisis, the people of Gaza are facing a dire situation. Over 33,000 Palestinians have lost their lives, and over 75,000 are critically injured with these numbers expected to rapidly increase. Over 1.9 million FAMILIES DISPLACED.

Palestinian children have begun starving to death in Gaza, where the United Nations has warned a famine is "almost inevitable."

Now, more than ever, the people of Gaza require your support. The Greengage Trust, in collaboration with our partners on the ground in Gaza, is working diligently to address these pressing needs. We are distributing hot meals, fruit and vegetable baskets, and fresh meat to those most affected by the crisis.

Your contribution has the power to make a life-saving difference on the ground. Together, with your support, we can provide hope and assistance to those grappling with the aftermath of this tragedy. Act now to help us make a life-saving impact.


1 Family with Meals


10 Families with Meals


Vegetable and Fruit Basket


10 Vegetable and Fruit Baskets


Meat Distribution to 100 families


Meat Distribution to 200 families

See our recent distribution - these are YOUR donations in action!

The most beloved people to Allah are those who are most beneficial to people. The most beloved deed to Allah is to make a Muslim happy, or to remove one of his troubles, or to forgive his debt, or to feed his hunger'. 


See the impact of your generous contributions in action...
570,000 people in Gaza are on the brink of catastrophic hunger.

Even during the most difficult times, TeamGGT working with our partners incredibly hard on the ground in 🇵🇸 to ensure your donations reach the most vulnerable people 🤲

Al Awada Hospital in #Gaza serves as a lifeline

TeamGGT has been working tirelessly to deliver much-needed medical supplies to Al Awada Hospital in Gaza, and it's all thanks to your contributions that we're able to do this crucial work.

Delivering hot meals and blankets in Gaza

Team GGT is on the ground with our partners in these challenging times, distributing hot meals and warm blankets to those in need.

Families in Palestine have been left unable to enjoy the most basic of human rights such as access to food, water and medical treatment.  Around 2 million Palestinians struggle with food insecurity [UN] – in Gaza alone over 68% of people are living below the poverty line.

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