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Cold Drinking Water Cooler Yemen

Quenching Thirst, Saving Lives: Donate for a Cold Drinking Water Cooler in Yemen.

Yemen is facing a severe water crisis, and the situation is dire. But you can be a part of the solution. Join us in our mission to bring relief and hope to the people of Yemen by donating for a Cold Drinking Water Cooler.

Why Donate? Imagine going for days without a drop of cold water to quench your thirst. For countless Yemenis, this is their daily reality. The lack of access to clean and cold drinking water poses serious health risks, especially for children and the elderly. Dehydration, waterborne diseases, and suffering are rampant. But together, we can make a difference.

Provide clean drinking water for thousands of desperately needed people of Yemen

Cold Drinking Water Cooler

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ  was asked, “Which charity is best?” He (saw) replied, “(Providing) water”’

Abu Dawud

Our Mission

We are committed to providing immediate relief to the people of Yemen by installing Cold Drinking Water Coolers in strategic locations across the country. These coolers will be equipped with state-of-the-art filtration systems to ensure that the water is not only cold but also safe to drink. With your support, we can:

  1. Save Lives: Your donation will directly impact the health and well-being of Yemeni families by providing them with clean, cold water to drink, reducing the risk of waterborne illnesses.
  2. Alleviate Suffering: A cold drink of water may seem like a small comfort, but in Yemen, it can bring immense relief to those enduring extreme heat and drought.
  3. Foster Hope: Your generosity will remind the people of Yemen that they are not alone in their struggle. Together, we can show them that the world cares.

The Prophet (ﷺ) said: “The best charity is giving water to drink”


The water coolers are installed on a where-most-needed basis. At the time of donation a secure location will be chosen and installed in a space which has access to electricity. For example, schools, mosques, healthcare facilities etc.

When installed, the maintenance will be handed over to whoever is in charge of the building, where the cooler is placed. Filters will be changed every six months, to purify the water. Full training will be provided and our team will be in regular contact if needed.

With proper maintenance, the coolers can last 10+ years.

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