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Lebanon Food Parcel

Provide Nutritious Food Parcels to Families in Lebanon.

There are more than 1.7 million refugees, including displaced people from Syria and Palestine, living in Lebanon today. The crisis can be clearly seen in Lebanon, which has welcomed refugees from Palestine and Syria for many years, despite suffering from the impact of war and economic crisis itself. The food parcels are designed to last for a period of one month for a family, which includes staple foods such as sugar, cooking oil, lentils, rice, pasta, tomato sauce and more.

Please note Fidya and Kaffarah is applicable.

Food Pack Items

  • Rice (900g)
  • Sugar (900g)
  • Yellow Lentils (900g)
  • Brown Lentils (900g)
  • Vermicelli (500g)
  • Canned Chickpeas (900g)
  • Salt (700g)
  • Bulgur (900g)
  • Tomato Paste (400g)
  • Vegetable Oil (825ml)
  • Spaghetti (400g)
  • Fave Beans (900g)
  • Flour (900g)

They are all facing unimaginable risks to their safety and the recent escalation has left thousands of widows in its wake. All of whom have difficult decisions to make as they don’t know how to support their orphan children.

Orphans in Lebanon

There are more than 22,000 orphans living in Lebanon who desperately need support.

Widows & Orphans

Greengate currently supports over 5,000 orphans and widow families.

Families are struggling to feed their children and survive each day. You can ease their hardship by donating Food Parcels this year. Thousands of women and children have lost their husband and father and are left bereaved, in pain and without income to meet their daily needs.

Lebanon needs immediate attention, here’s how you can help...

1 Food Parcel


2 Food Parcels

Support Lebanon and save the forgotten

Lebanon hosts one of the largest populations of Syrian and Palestinian refugees with around 2 million people crammed into overcrowded and often dangerous camps with no heating, electricity, or running water. 70% of the families in Lebanon’s camps live below the poverty line and over 50% of those are below the age of 18, which means that millions of children are growing up knowing nothing but conflict, hardship, and poverty..

Join us in person for Deployment

This is the perfect opportunity for you if you wish to provide aid first hand to refugees in Lebanon. You will be able to use the funds raised to provide emergency food parcels to families in the refugee camps. You will also, help repair shelter and have an opportunity to witness first-hand the living conditions as well as, greet and seek the prayers of our beneficiaries all while helping them.

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