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Fidya or Kaffarah

Pay your Fidya or Kaffarah

If you miss a fast due ill health or pregnancy, which cannot be made up afterwards for legitimate reasons, you will need to pay Fidya. If fasts are broken without allowable reasons, and the compensatory two months of fasting is not possible, then you are obliged to pay Kaffarah for breaking fast. Your Fidya and Kaffarah will go directly to those who need it most.


2 Meals per day Fidya


2 Meals a Day for 30 Days - Kaffarah

What is Fidya?

When someone cannot fast in Ramadan and can’t make up the lost days afterwards (for example, because of a long-term health condition), then they should pay (fidya) for someone else to be fed. Your Fidya donation must provide one impoverished person with two meals, for each fast that you've missed. For a single missed fast the amount payable is £5, so for 2 meals a day it will be £10.

What is Kaffarah?

Kaffarah is for people who have missed or broken a fast during Ramadan without a valid reason. The requirement for Kaffarah is to provide one person with two meals a day, It costs £5 per meal, so the total due is £300. If you have broken your fast without good reason, please make your Kaffarah payment today to provide those in need with nutritious food to eat.

Meals for Pakistan

Help make a difference and ensure that people do not go hungry in Pakistan.

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Help make a difference and ensure that people do not go hungry in Yemen.

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Meals for Lebanon

Help make a difference and ensure that people do not go hungry in Lebanon.

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Yemen Food Parcel

Help Provide Food Packs To The Most Needy In Yemen.

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Food Parcel in Pakistan

Working with teams on the ground we ensure food parcels are delivered to vulnerable families and those most in need.

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Families are struggling to feed their children and survive each day. You can ease their hardship by donating Food Parcels.

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