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Yemen Water Tank and Refills

Refill Hope in Yemen: Donate a 2000 Liter Water Tank including FREE water refills for the full year!

In Yemen, where water scarcity is a daily struggle, the sight of an empty water tank can be devastating. Millions of Yemenis are facing the harsh reality of water shortages, and you have the power to make a difference. Join us in our mission to refill hope in Yemen by donating for water tank refills.

Donate a 2000-Liter Water Tank and Make an Impact

Your contribution can change lives. By donating a 2000-liter water tank to Yemen, you're not only providing immediate relief but also ensuring sustainable access to clean water for an entire year. We understand the importance of a consistent water supply, which is why we are offering free refills for the entire year for each tank donated.


Towards a Yemen Water Tanker


Towards a Yemen Water Tanker

‘The Messenger of Allah (saw) was asked, “Which charity is best?” He (saw) replied, “(Providing) water”’.

Abu Dawud

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet impactful - to ensure that every Yemeni family has access to a reliable supply of clean water. We are working tirelessly to provide water tank refills in communities across Yemen, ensuring that households have enough water for drinking, cooking, hygiene, and sanitation. Your support can help us:

  1. Immediate Relief: Your donation will provide immediate relief to families in Yemen who are struggling with water scarcity.
  2. Sustainable Solution: Our 2000-liter water tanks offer a sustainable solution by storing and preserving water for daily use.
  3. Empower Communities: By supporting water tank refills, you empower communities to meet their immediate water needs, reducing their dependence on unreliable and often contaminated water sources.

"The best charity is giving water to drink"

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

How You Can Help: Your generosity can change lives. Here are ways you can donate:

  1. One-Time Donation: Make a one-time donation today to provide immediate relief and water tank refills to those in need.
  2. Fundraising: Start a fundraising campaign among your network to increase the reach of your impact and engage others in this cause.
  3. Help support our water fund: The water fund will be used to provide immediate relief and water tank refills to those in need.
We offer a special touch...

With each water tank donation, we offer a special touch – a custom name plaque that allows donors to personalise their contribution in honor of themselves or a cherished loved one for whom the donation is made.

This plaque serves as a lasting tribute, recognising the generosity and compassion that make this initiative possible.

 If no name for a water well is given in the ‘notes’ of the donation, Greengate Trust will set the plaque to the name the donation was made in. 

Free Refills for a Year

We are committed to ensuring that your donation has a lasting impact. Every tank you donate will receive free refills for an entire year.

Join us in lending your support to our water fund initiative.

This fund serves as a vital resource dedicated to delivering both immediate relief and sustaining ongoing water tank refills. Your support is especially valuable for those who are unable to make a full water tank donation themselves, ensuring that everyone in need gains access to clean water. Join us in making a meaningful difference in the lives of those who require assistance during these challenging times.

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