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Dhul Hijjah 2023 Appeals

The 10 Blessed Days of Dhul Hijjah. However, you choose to do good this Dhul Hijjah, make it count, and gain the reward of the most blessed days of the year.

“There are no days on which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these ten days.” (Bukhari)

Pakistan Water Well

Donate a Hand Pump Water Well in Pakistan, where communities are facing severe shortages of clean wa...

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Save the Children in Yemen

The children of Yemen and the families that care for them need our support now more than ever. Pleas...

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Pakistan Food Parcel

Working with teams on the ground we ensure food parcels are delivered to vulnerable families and tho...

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Yemen Families, Orphans and Widows

Years of conflict, instability, famine and health crises have left millions in urgent need of suppor...

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Yemen Food Parcel

Help Provide Food Packs To The Most Needy In Yemen.

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Al-Tayyibat Bakery Project

The Yemen Project team are on a mission to feed as many people as possible and put an end to food in...

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Pakistan Solar Water Well

With your support, we can provide clean and sustainable water access to over 500 beneficiaries, tran...

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Livelihood Projects

Our livelihood projects are transformative, empowering the most vulnerable people with the tools and...

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Harness the Power of Zakat

Please don’t wait, people need your help more than ever. Harness the power of Zakat and donate generously in the blessed month of Dhul Hijjah.

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