Qurbani 2023

Let's join hands and fulfil our duty as believers by giving Qurbani this year to those who are less fortunate.

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Country Cow Share Full Goat Cow Full Camel
Yemen £45 £150 - £1100
Bangladesh - £150 - £1100
Nepal - £150 - £1100
Pakistan - - - £1100
Malawi - - - £1100
India - - - £1100

The Noble act of Qurbani on your behalf

Every year, millions of people around the world struggle to meet their basic needs. By participating in the act of Qurbani, we can make a difference in their lives and bring smiles to their faces. Let's join hands and fulfil our duty as believers by giving Qurbani to those who are less fortunate. Together, we can provide nourishment, hope, and happiness to those who need it most.

Fulfill your religious obligation

This Eid al-Adha, let us come together and give your Qurbani. It is a time to show compassion, empathy, and generosity towards those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Qurbani is the act of offering the sacrifice of an animal to Allah (SWT) on Eid ul-Adha and is one of the obligatory acts of Hajj, the fifth pillar of Islam.

Please Note:

If your Qurbani Share is fully booked with chosen country we will then allocate your qurbani to the next available/country booked slot Insha'Allah.

“Once our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) was asked, what is Qurbani? The Prophet (saw) answered:

‘???????? ???????? ???????????? ???????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? (????????). ???????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????? ???? ???????????????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????????? (????????????)”


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