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Al-Tayyibat Bakery Project

The Yemen Project team are on a mission to feed as many people as possible and put an end to food insecurity in Yemen.


Al-Tayyibat Bakery Yemen

The Yemen Project team are on a mission to feed as many people as possible and put an end to food insecurity in Yemen. But, with 10 million Yemenis currently one step away from famine. We need to act fast.

Our Bakery in Yemen provides bread to the most vulnerable families in Yemen. With our team on the ground and by relying on the good of humanity we can ensure warm bread gets delivered to the most-needy communities in Yemen. By giving monthly, your donations will provide thousands of people with daily fresh bread, alleviate hunger and give stability to displaced and vulnerable families. Set up your regular donation today to help us reach even more people in the blessed lands with life-saving bread.


A continuous Sadaqah Jaariyah for Life!

This is one of our most important and the most consistent projects in Yemen which will be running daily and one of the most blessed projects for all our brothers and sisters to actively get involved with by making either a single donation or even better setting up a standing order form up for just “£1 a Day” on the link below.

Bread is a lifeline for millions of hungry Yemenis

Approximately 16 million people in Yemen cannot put food on their tables. Some families go for days without eating. A lack of fuel, flour and a crippled economy has meant that most people cannot afford to buy food. The risk of famine-like conditions is increasing each day. After seven years of hardship and uncertainty, people in Yemen need our support. We believe that if we work together we can alleviate the suffering that the people of Yemen endure each day.

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