Celebrating National Water Week with Greengate Trust: Clean Water for All!

Every year, National Water Week reminds us of the vital role water plays in our lives and the importance of ensuring everyone has access to clean drinking water. At Greengate Trust, we share this commitment and are proud to celebrate our ongoing water projects that are making a difference in communities across the world.
Pakistan Hand Pump Water Wells

Our Pakistan Hand Pump Water Wells project provides clean and accessible drinking water to communities in remote areas. These hand pumps are a sustainable and low-maintenance solution that empowers communities to manage their own water supply.https://donate.greengatetrust.org/pakistan-hand-pump-water-wells


Pakistan Solar Wells

Greengate Trust's Pakistan Solar Wells project harnesses the power of the sun to pump water in remote areas. This innovative solution provides a reliable source of clean water while reducing dependence on fossil fuels.https://donate.greengatetrust.org/pakistan-solar-wells


Yemen and Pakistan Water Coolers

Our Yemen and Pakistan Water Coolers project distributes life-saving water coolers to communities facing water scarcity. These coolers provide clean, cool drinking water, especially critical during the hot summer months. https://donate.greengatetrust.org/yemen-pakistan-water-coolers https://greengatetrust.com/appeal/cold-drinking-water-cooler/

With your support, we can tackle water insecurity, globally!