Greengate Trust – Jordan Deployment Success!

Thanks to our incredible fundraisers and your donations, we were able to reach the Syrian and Palestinian refugee's, based in Jordan.

Recently our team touched down in Jordan, to deliver one of our most successful deployments ever!

With the fundraisers efforts and the incredible support of those who donated, we were able to support Syrian and Palestinian refugees with:

  • 580 food packs
  • 480 kids toys
  • 480 hygiene kits
  • 650 family food meals
  • A 475kg cow provided
  • 20 x sewing machines
  • 20 x barbers kits
  • 10 x carts
  • 10 x big sewing machines
  • An enrichment activity with over 100 orphans
  • A water distribution
  • A large zakaat cash distribution
Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this possible! Your support and generosity continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most!


However, the journey to a brighter future for these refugees continues. The need for essential supplies remains high.  This is where you come in again!

Join us in extending a helping hand to refugees across the world,  get involved with one of our upcoming deployments and make a real difference!