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Yemen Water Tanker Appeal

Join us in this mission, and together, we can quench the thirst of Yemen and sow the seeds of hope!

In Yemen, where water scarcity is a daily struggle, the sight of an empty water tank can be devastating. Millions of Yemenis are facing the harsh reality of water shortages, and you have the power to make a difference. Join us in our mission to refill hope in Yemen by donating directly to fund the purchase of our very own Water Tanker which will cost around 35k. Can you help us reach this target?

Our Vision:

Imagine a world where every drop counts, where a single donation can set in motion a chain of events that transforms lives. This truck will be traveling throughout Yemen, refilling water tanks and delivering fresh clean water to those in the greatest need Insha’Allah. We are determined to make this vision a reality and here's the best part! Your donations will be rewarded every single time a tank is filled. GIVE YOUR SHARE TODAY!

Why we are appealing for our own dedicated Water Tanker...

This will eliminate the need for frequent rentals, ensuring a sustainable and cost-effective approach to our mission. Currently, we rely on hired trucks each time we aim to fill donated water tanks, incurring expenses that could otherwise be directed towards aiding vulnerable communities. Acquiring our own Water Tanker Truck is an investment that not only streamlines our operations but also unlocks the potential to reach even the most remote villages across Yemen.

With a dedicated vehicle at our disposal, we can extend our reach, providing clean fresh water to multiple communities in need with greater efficiency. This initiative is not just about transportation; it's a holistic approach to addressing the water crisis at its core and making a lasting impact on the lives of those who deserve a reliable source of clean water. Your support is not just an investment in a truck; it's an investment in sustainable change for Yemen.


Yemenis don't have access to safe drinking water


Across Yemen, groundwater is being depleted at twice the rate its being replenished.


Towards a Yemen Water Tanker


Towards a Yemen Water Tanker

On the authority of Sa‘d bin ’Ubadah that he said, ‘O Messenger of Allah! Umm (mother of) Sa‘d has died, so which charity is best?’
He (saw) replied, ‘[Providing] water’.
He (ra) said, ‘So [Sa’d] dug a well and said, “This (well) is for Umm Sa‘d”’. 

Abu Dawud

Join us in lending your support to our water fund initiative.

This fund serves as a vital resource dedicated to delivering both immediate relief and sustaining ongoing water tank refills. Your support is especially valuable for those who are unable to make a full water tank donation themselves, ensuring that everyone in need gains access to clean water. Join us in making a meaningful difference in the lives of those who require assistance during these challenging times.

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